My deepest calling has been to help people live a life of inner and outer freedom because for most of mine, I felt stifled, heavy, and repressed. I’d been looking for courage and freedom and not just the kind we seek on the outside, but the kind we live and breathe inside ourselves.

For most of my life, I felt like nothing like a goddess.

Not that long ago, I truly afraid to live. Afraid to be myself.
I felt utterly caged in the role of a powerless woman, playing and thinking small.

It all started with clutter.
I was overwhelmed, disorganized, and surrounded by stuff. 
I was stuck everywhere in my life and couldn’t let anything go within my space or in my heart. 
All my layers of clutter stopped me from being myself and loving who I was.

My unhealthy attachment to belongings, things, people, relationships, and emotional baggage, literally ruled my life. All of it kept me protected and comfortable but oh, so miserable.

I craved being empowered, courageous and visible; yet for so long, felt invisible.
 I was constantly afraid to take up space, and to step out of my comfort zone. 
I was afraid to shine and live out loud unapologetically.

Through my own journey of healing and reclaiming, I realized, getting uncluttered was more than my physical space. I realized I was carrying clutter in my heart, mind and body that was deeper than I’d ever imagined.

Clutter is not limited only to your space. There’s the kind you can’t see. The clutter that holds you back from being yourself fully, from showing up and speaking out.

It takes peeling back these layers, to unearth and reclaim your real self. To Live Out Loud.

When I was ready to change this paradigm of living, I began to clear the clutter layer by layer, everywhere.

In my space, relationships, thinking, body, finances, etc., I started to unravel, unwind and unclutter the shit I no longer needed to carry. And letting go felt sooooo gooooood!

So good in fact, I became a professional organizer and life coach.

I know first hand how it feels to be overwhelmed by emotional baggage, disconnected from your body, it’s no wonder my chosen profession for the last 11 years has been to help people let go of clutter and get organized.

Eventually, after my long and deep, inward journey…I found what I was looking for.

I found myself.
I found my truest, loveliest self and reclaimed her back into wholeness and then my goddess self began to emerge.

I went from:

cluttered and disorganized to uncluttered and free.
fearful and quiet to using my voice.
being afraid to feel all the way to completely cracking open.
forcing things to happen to letting things happen.
hesitant and feeling fearful to courageous and with gumption.
body hatred + shame to reclaiming and loving my body.
feeling unworthy to finding fierce self-love.
feeling sexually repressed to liberated and expressed.
from giving my power away to empowering myself.

In essence…I went from living in black & white to full color Out Loud.

This journey wasn’t easy. It took a ton of self-inquiry,healing and support from various mentors, teachers and loved ones.

And, it was worth it.

Now, I am here for you

I’m Sofia, and this online space is a culmination of my own inner journey and the one I help others on.

We are all goddesses.

But we have been made to fear our Goddess selves. We have been afraid to uncage and unleash. And, it takes letting some things go to get there.

You can’t Goddess Out Loud or anything else for that matter until you let go of the clutter, stories, masks, and ego perspectives that keep you spinning round and round. Until you embrace your true desires.

This journey invites you to let these things go so you can truly reclaim yourself all the way.

Why am I here?

To help you remember who you were before you lost yourself.

To be an example of living courageously with abandon and embodying your Goddess self…

I work with imperfect and spirited women who crave a life that is liberated inside and out. Women who want to Goddess Out Loud, everywhere.

The Goddess journey is about coming home to fierce self love. Through body, voice and power. They’re all waiting for your embrace..

Ready to Live Out Loud?

Come in and understand…no part of your life will go untouched…

“You are a light-filled goddess whose heart is without boundary.” ~ Mandy Trichell

“You are a torch sister in my life.
Your bravery and truth to self is gorgeous to witness, learn from and be inspired by.”
~ Jenna Robino

“You are a courageous, intelligent, articulate woman who is bold in putting her thinking out there for the benefit of others.”
~ Becky Stephens Pate

What does living out loud look like?
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