with me

When did you begin to lose yourself?
Where did you give your power, voice and spirit away?
Was it the soul-sucking job that placed you on the sidelines?

Where did your fire go?
When did you lose your gumption?
Was it a relationship that had you hiding, stifled and pushed to the back burner?

When did you stop being a priority?
When did you disconnect from your body, desire and pleasure?
Was it all the over-giving to everyone and everything but you?

When did you swtich living from your heart to living in your head?
When did you stop hearing your inner self speaking to you?
Where did the spirited, vibrant woman you are, go?

If you think you are broken, you’re not.

If you think you need to be fixed, you don’t.
You simply…

Need to find your desire again and this time, own it.

Call your inner goddess forward. Reclaim your spirited self and live out loud.

Our Work Together


creating sacred space to:

  • clear energetic debris and heal physical clutter
  • create nourishing and supportive spaces
  • create beauty and order in every room
  • make space for intentions, dreams and deliciousness
  • bring in more desire, flow, ease, joy, creativity
  • make intentional shopping choices


embodiment work to:

  • be in partnership with your body
  • discern and identify the signals your body is giving you
  • embody supportive self-care & sensual practices
  • get out of your head and reconnect with your intuition
  • reconnect to your senses
  • love the skin you’re in

spirit & soul

inner spirit & soul work to:

  • call back your power & courage
  • integrate your masculine/feminine energy
  • process stuck/unexpressed feelings
  • end toxic relationship patterns
  • reprogram deep-set patterns
  • lean into trust, surrender and possibility
  • find your true voice


reclaim your sexual self to:

  • discover what you truly desire (and dare to ask for it)
  • learn to give & receive pleasure
  • appreciate your body naked
  • explore pleasuring yourself
  • overcome unhealthy sex patterns
  • make peace with your sexual power

I am more myself after working with Sofia. She is loving, gentle, kind, firm, clear, and saw right through my defenses. She saw me so  clearly that I knew it was futile to be anything other than honest.

Previously, I’d been invested in this tortuous process of “trying to fix myself” for too long and have lost the desire to be “accountable” or on the receiving end of “tough love”. I have used toughness and pride in “pushing through” as a way to defend the softness within myself, the tenderness of who I AM to the point of exhaustion.

Connecting with Sofia gave me the permission to be soft and vulnerable because of her strength. Her acceptance of my soul was so clear and strong while she spoke to me about the importance of inhabiting my body; I actually felt her say “I love you” in my heart when all she was doing was looking at me with her heart open. In addition to her soothing and reassuring words she provided me with accessible tools that I could use on the fly to center and calm myself when I started to drift out of my body.

After feeling into my heart and soul so deeply, it feels uncomfortable to pretend to be a tough girl now. But I am now beginning to see that softness isn’t to be confused with weakness. Softness is flexible and resilient and true…who I really am. The best part is that I don’t have to transform myself into anyone or anything because her guidance is simply helping my true self emerge. Nothing to push through or become…such a relief. I am so grateful to have connected with Sofia and her wisdom and love.

Melissa S.

Who this is for:

I work with vibrant, spirited women who’ve lost and forgotten parts of themselves along the way…
Women, who deeply desire to reclaim wholeness.
Women who are sick and tired of the life they’ve created.
Women who don’t know who they are anymore, and who are tired of living in a box.

My clients want to return home, break out into freedom and Goddess Out Loud.

Is this you?

What you receive:

  • a safe and confidential container of experienced support, counsel and witnessing
  • VIP access to me via text and email during our time together
  • a custom-made-just-for-you piece of soul-inspired jewelry with intention & mantra suited to your spirit
  • We will meet for online 9 sessions over a period of 3 months.

I hold space for you to be fully human. For you to remember who you are, to make the changes that feel good to you and I honor your process in getting there.

This work demands the deepest devotion and commitment from both of us.


How to begin:

  • We begin with a free 30-minute call to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to work together.
  • Investment is $1550 all in, 2 payments of $800 or 3 payments of $550.
  • Due to the deep nature of this work, this is an application only program

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