Unclutter, organize, create, assemble, and commune in your uncluttered goddess temple.

A contemporary goddess needs space.
Even more so, she cannot function without space.
She needs space that feels holy.
She requires sacred space for her to thrive and bloom.
Her space is for grounding and embodiment; a place to come home to herself.

In essence, she needs her space to become her temple. Inward (in her body) and outward (in where she lives and works).

Her outer temple is just as important as her inner temple.

Sometimes we start on our inner world to make changes in our outer world and other times, we do the reverse.

You cannot go wrong, it only matters that you start somewhere.

When either of those temples (inner or outer) is out of balance, the Goddess in you loses touch with herself. She gets out of alignment.

You cannot be in alignment if you have clutter or lack of space.

What can you do?

A few things are necessary in order to create sacred space:

  • Eliminating clutter
  • Creating beauty and order
  • Making intentional choices

Are you open? Are you available to what the universe wants to send your way? Do you have the space?

I believe that the fastest way to activate change, get unstuck and into flow is to create sacred space, get uncluttered and organized.

By doing this, you signal the Universe that you are ready for what’s next.

You create sacred space so you can be open (and feel safe) to receive. This process calls upon the feminine and the masculine, also bringing those aspects of yourself into balance.

The feminine is all about being magnetic and in receptivity but must be paired with the more “masculine” support of inspired action. In this way the masculine can help frame this feminine work of letting go and allowing the space to be birthed within.

What are you making space for?

You are making space for YOU.

You are making space for your intentions, desires, dreams, changes, blessings, fun, creativity, quality time, friends, love, abundance, truth, intimacy and whatever it is that you crave.

To receive what you desire, you must make room for ALL of it.

Clutter is getting in the way of you being more you.
You’re not going to let clutter go to get more things. Not at all!
Instead, you are going to let it go to find more of yourself.
You will excavate more of who you are by letting the clutter go.

You cannot be the best version of yourself if you are surrounded by clutter.

So, how does your temple garden want to grow? What wants to stay and what needs to go?

You do not need things in your life that don’t resonate with your soul.

If you create the sacred space on the outside, your inner space will flourish.

You will be more available to unleash your Goddessness and divine magic; exactly what our world wants and needs from you.

You can serve others more because you will be more… YOU.

Things that you do not expect to shift, will shift because of this process…  It will shift things in your life tremendously, because space allows, it breathes.

You get clear, you create; when you create magic happens.

Together, we will be releasing:

  • Things that are no longer in alignment with you
  • Things that keep you feeling stuck and losing joy
  • Things you hold onto because of their story
  • Whatever is blocking you

These things do not belong in your goddess temple, do they?

Of course, this is not just “clutter”, this goes deeper, even if it seems as if we are only cleaning out your closet. Clutter is anything stagnant, broken, incomplete, in need of repair, in piles, overwhelming or too big, and brings you anxiety.

Creating sacred space has lasting effects that will multiply:

  • Nutrients – life feeling more “full” of the good stuff
  • Flow – trusting in what comes
  • Ease – feeling powerful and trusting yourself
  • Joy – you know about this (get ready to know a whole lot more of it)
  • Deliciousness – brighter colors, richer flavors, more yum all around
  • Prosperity/Abundance – yes, please!
  • Creativity – find inspiration where before you felt blank
  • Sensuality – come alive again

I’m here to support you in making space and letting go of clutter in any way I can, because you deserve more of these sensations and experiences in your life. We all do.

What if you don’t know how let go of clutter or get organized?

I’ve been a Professional Organizer (NAPO) for over 11 years and I know how to help you through this process in way that is long lasting and embodied.


What is included in this process?

I’ve created an 8-week one-on-one program that includes many practical and spiritual aspects. We will meet every week as I take you through my unique and proven process to support you in cleansing and organizing  your space.

I’ll share techniques, rituals, and approaches that have worked for my clients time and again over the last decade of doing this work; including energetic Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Uncluttering, Simple Rituals, and a little practical magic.

Working together, you will learn:

  • How to get clear on what your intentions are for this process
  • What the clutter in your life is currently holding space for
  • How to unclutter to let the stagnant and nonresonant go
  • How to space clear to cultivate new energy
  • To use the principles of feng shui to help harmonize the vibration of your space
  • To use your personal astrology to guide us in creating your sacred space.
  • A new paradigm for you to consider what to bring into your space or not (ie, how to shop mindfully)
  • How to follow the cycles of the moon to learn when to activate and call in and when to let go and release
  • How to create rituals for you to commune with your space so it can nourish and support you
  • How to beautify your Goddess space with simple, inexpensive tweaks

This is for you if:

  • Your space lacks warmth, joy and juiciness you so desire and doesn’t feel quite like home
  • Clutter has been plaguing your for eons
  • You feel out of balance with your environment
  • You feel stuck in any major area of your life
  • You want your environment/space/outer temple to reflect more of who you are

Your investment

This work asks for your commitment, the more devotion and willingness you bring to the table, the more powerful your results will be.

You will offer one payment of  $1750 or 2 payments of $950 USD, depending on which feels best to you.

You will also have homework to complete between sessions.

To begin…

Email me to set up a free 30-minute conversation to confirm that this program is a good mutual fit. If so, we will schedule your sessions.

Ready to get clear and live as you are meant to?

Great. Let’s talk.



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