Come speak to the goddess within

For the times when you feel weak and have no perspective…come to the Goddess
For the times when you see yourself as small and insignificant…come to the Goddess  
For the times when you feel burned out, depleted and with no energy reserves…come to the Goddess
For the times when things are quiet but you still need connection and inspiration…come to the Goddess


You are divine, you are cosmic, you are lit up, and you are strong. Through the Goddess’s eyes, see the very best of yourself and return home.

The Goddess sees you as the most magnificent expression of womanhood and feminine energy. She sees you as the cup of life, the one who receives, fills her cup and then gives and spills unto the world. What you spill unto the world is gold. This is the alchemy of your life.

With a reading from the Goddess, you can connect to this inner wisdom, channeled to you, for you, through me. She is the Archetypal Goddess, the mother of all goddesses.

She has no name, other than yours.

She is the essence of your amazing spirit and the voice of your soul.
She knows who you are down to the very minute detail.
She honors you and all your facets and parts. She is present for you in ways that sometimes you are not for yourself (yet).

She holds deep within the very mysteries of you… the parts that yearn to be unlocked and brought to the surface. She is your guide.

If you are here, then you already hear her whispers. It’s time to turn up the volume.

A Goddess Guidance reading is practical, for those who are highly connected to the ethereal realms and need to land solidly and thrive in modern life.

Goddess gives you the words that anchor you in your BEing. Words you may not be able to hear from other types of readings or sessions.

She works with spiritually expanded women to help them focus on practical ways to embody their highest potential. You likely already know what you need to do and who you are… It’s time to bring your over-stimulated, high-vibrational state down to earth. Goddess tells you how to fine tune your wisdom and take action in simple and practical ways.

You are connected, remember?

She will direct your attention to the places that will most benefit you.
She will help you grow the seeds that you nurture inside of you.

The goddess knows you have been through the path of initiation many times before. She knows you have met yourself in darkness and in light over and over and she knows YOU CAME THROUGH.

You have arrived on the other side. Life now is about refining and dancing the difference between Doing and Being, in all your mighty expression.

In times of change, counsel on what your Soul and Higher Self would advise you to do.

A Goddess Guidance Reading is for you if:

  • you lead a spiritual life
  • you’re considering a career change
  • you aren’t sure about your current relationship
  • you are wondering if you’re in alignment in other areas of your life
  • you want your own rituals to help connect/listen to your Higher Self
  • you’re curious about seeing new possibilities for your life
  • you long for connection to the feminine, life-giving energy that lives in you
  • you resonate with astrology readings, wanting to know more about yourself
  • you’re open to receiving what could be surprising insight

How these readings work:

  • Invest $155 via PayPal and fill out the form below with your details.
  • You have the option of asking one or two very specific questions. Unless you specify, you will receive a general reading only.
  • I channel your reading and write it up for you. It will be filled with Goddess wisdom and infused with her energy.
  • You will receive your reading within 48-72 hours of your order on a weekday.


I look forward to seeing the Goddess in you and hearing what she has to share.


Fill out my online form.

praise for guidance

I asked Sofia to give me a reading in a stormy time. I found that she could see me and my situation so clearly. And, most importantly, with love. It was like someone took my hand and told me: I am here and you are safe. Under her eyes, I saw the blessing in my situation and I moved on feeling lighter.  I love that the reading is written. I returned to it and the energy pours deeper in me. You are a blessing.

Andreea Voroneanu

Writer & Facilitator

I had a session with The Goddess and I was blown away by the accuracy and timing of her revelations!
I had not told her anything prior to the reading and Sofia was not aware of the events that had occurred leading up to the session. The Goddess imparted valuable advice in helping me go in the right direction so I can fulfill my life path. The truth was delivered in a loving and compassionate manner and I highly recommend a reading with the Goddess if you are feeling stuck or unsure of which direction to turn.

Millie Polansky


The Goddess Reading was powerful, direct, and potent. There were pieces that were directly actionable –  recommendations for me to create a specific essential oil blend – and pieces that spoke directly to my soul to help remember who I am. The reading answered three of my specific questions, and also had elements and words of remembrance that added additional context and depth to my original questions. I am very grateful for Sofia’s intuitive power and highly recommend her as a seer and intuitive.

Kalia Mabel

Doula & Herbalist, Soul Path Doula

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